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In March 2016 the Integra Institute become official member of regional partnership in GOAL’ PROJECT in Slovenia. The aim of the project is to improve the possibilities counseling for less-educated adults in all partner countries, which will contribute to increasing participation in lifelong learning, and thus to greater social inclusion and mobility in the labor market.  Integra was invited by two regional partners of Slovenian Institute for Adult Education: Universities for adult education and Center of high schools in Velenje. The introductory meeting was held in the International corporate center in Velenje on 3rd of March: http://mic.scv.si/

Integra Institute present their free program services which are available for adults with less opportunities and online learning modules of eFinlit for people who reduce evictions and personal bankruptcies. The PowerPoint presentation and promotional material entitled EDUCATIONAL AND COUNSELING ACTIVITIES FOR ADULTS, described also the aims, objectives, outputs of eFinLit project and opportunities how to engage in courses..