The eFinLit partnership is currently working hard to promote directly and indirectly the digital numeracy, language, reading, collaboration and communication skills of financial disadvantaged young EU adults (18-35).

The 2nd eFinLit partner meeting has taken place in Vienna, Austria, on the 23rd and 24th of July, at the E-C-C Verein fuer interdisziplinaere Bildung und Beratung. Partners discussed the “State of the Art and Gap Analysis Report” and possible ways of improvement, as presented by the Spanish partners.

Civil Society in Cyprus has earned its role as an integral part of the society today, contributing to progress in the various societal and environmental issues that concern the Cypriot citizen, while increasingly receiving greater visibility and becoming more known to the wider public.

The escalating numbers of low income and unemployed young adults (18-35) constitute not only a current problem, but it’s a challenge to be dealt with in the years to come. This group of EU citizens is one of the largest disadvantaged groups in the European society, constituting almost the 35% of the total young adults in Europe. The eFinLit project envisions influencing and improving the financially disadvantaged young adults welfare, by providing them the capacity to face their financial issues and manage them efficiently.