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On February 19 2016, Ce.S.Co.T. Veneto hosted a brief seminar to promote eFinLit, in the context of a two-day partner meeting in Padua. The seminar showed to a widely assorted group, comprising specialists....

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Young people living alone or willing to become independent, doesn’t matters from which social environment they came from, they all have the possibility for self-study and exploring the world of Finances....

The phase of the development of the online curriculum and modules is completed and each partner developed a Basic level unit in their national language to better target the piloting process. The 5th Newsletter presents the preparation phase of the piloting process and its dissemination by the partners to the target group members (financial disadvantaged young EU adults (18-35years) and stakeholders) aiming at collecting their feedback regarding the Designed Modules.

In the 5th Newsletter you can find an overview of the functional Online Platforms, which can be used in a very easy, comfortable and free-to-use way and are accessible for young people interested in the topics of Financials, Credits, Loans, Mortgage, Insurance and other financial products.

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On the 24th of February 2016, INNOVADE and CARDET organized a seminar on the eFinLit project, in the context of a conference called “Youth & Adult Education Forum”.