The eFinLiT online platform, the online modules and the online tools have been developed and are ready to be pilot tested with target group members and stakeholders.

In Cyprus, CARDET with the support of INNOVADE LI Ltd organized the first pilot testing implementation on the 6th of May 2016. In this pilot implementation 11 people have participated. 5 of them were educators, representatives of NGOs and Youth Organisations, or professionals with financial educational background. The rest of them were target group members, young people aged 18-35 with low income or unemployed.

During the pilot testing implementation participants had the opportunity to use at least 2 of the modules of the eFinLit project and provide feedback on the usability of the platform, the content of the modules and general comments about the online tools. All their comments have been recorded and will be addressed during the next and final phase of the project which will include the revision and finalization of the online platform and educational material.