Civil Society in Cyprus has earned its role as an integral part of the society today, contributing to progress in the various societal and environmental issues that concern the Cypriot citizen, while increasingly receiving greater visibility and becoming more known to the wider public.

On May 24, 2015, CARDET was represented at the NGO Fair, organized in the Municipal Garden of Nicosia by the Cyprus Youth board and the NGO-Support Centre. The Fair was a successful event, during which CARDET had the opportunity to inform Fair visitors about its mission and activities, and talk to interested visitors to its stand about the Projects it runs. Projects introduced to the visitors included 'VALORG' concerning the recovery of organic waste for green jobs, 'Raw Materials - Stop Mad Mining Campaign' referring to raw material extraction and sustainable consumption behavior, 'Boys Reading' which deals with the need for special attention to adolescent boys' literacy development and attitudes, 'PINECL' which aims in establishing an Information Network of Parents in support of early childhood development and education, and 'eFinLit' dedicated to improving the financial literacy skills of unemployed young adults. CARDET was also given the opportunity to give a short Presentation about its Project 'Global Campus', aiming to contribute to a change in public attitudes towards issues that developing countries and their peoples are facing.

On June 7, 2015, CARDET also participated in the second Ecological Celebration in Cyprus, organized at the Academy's National Forest Park in Aglantzia by related organizations and groups. The event had a great turnout, and presented CARDET with the chance to inform visitors about its goals and its various Projects relating to sustainability. These include 'VALORG' and 'Raw Materials - Stop Mad Mining Campaign' described above, as well as the Projects 'Don't Waste our Future!' which aims in building a European alliance of youngsters against food waste and in favor of new models of sustainable development and consumption in the EYD2015, and 'EAThink2015'. The latter takes on the challenge to prepare European students and youth to critically understand new global challenges.

The Fairs received national attention, offering CARDET and its Projects great positive exposure. They also presented the opportunity for CARDET to network with other organizations which share related missions and goals, and to raise public awareness about the issues with which its Projects deal with.